I am a fan of charms because of their whimsy. Charms, amulets, and talismans have long existed in history as objects that bring their owners good luck, love, protection, and great fortune. Definitely a fun piece of jewelry to have and it doesn’t hurt to have that extra dose of good luck. The Lucky Charms Necklace was part of Jewelmint’s December 2011 collection. I thought the size of the charms are just right (I like that they are on the bigger side) but I thought that the necklace as a whole could’ve felt more substantial. It’s adjustable so I could wear it short when worn with collared shirts or longer when worn with chunky knits.

JewelMint Lucky Charms Necklace

The charm collection includes: a lock, crown, heart, wishbone, key, love, lions, swallow, and a clover.

JewelMint Lover's Locket

I thought it paired well with the Lover’s Locket (another fun, whimsical piece from JewelMint)!


BRRRRR. Baby it’s cold outside! As much as I HATE winter, I do love the colors, shades and textures that dominate my outfit choices during this time of the year. Oh, and I also love the smells! Hot coco, gingerbread cookies, my favorite holiday candles, peppermint! And let’s not forget the sounds (Glee’s Christmas Album, anyone?) and the tastes! My senses are awake and are in full use! I’m sure my cheery disposition will change as soon as the holidays are the over and the first major snow storm hits. But until then, ho ho ho!

Zara Cable-Stitched Sweater | Adrienne Vittadini Wedge Haircalf Booties | Rebecca Minkoff Suede M.A.C. Clutch | JewelMint Payal Belle Bracelet, Zoe Bangle, Urban Warrior Ring

I have a new love – and her name is Rebecca Minkoff. I love the details in her designs, both the cosmetic and functional – the quilted leather, the petite studs, the leather laced chain strap that you can wear THREE ways, the size of the clutch that is perfect for all things girl, and the pockets (five of them!). Equally impressive is the woman behind the brand. I watched a good number of YouTube videos of Rebecca Minkoff and she seems so down-to-earth and so connected with what women want. The pictures below are of my newly acquired Affair- Small Quilt + Stud in Dove Grey and Blood Red – both from the Black Friday Sale. The sale was so good I swear it took my attention away from the delicious turkey and pumpkin bars that were served that weekend. I cannot wait to wear these!

I am consciously addicted to JewelMint – I have all the symptoms: checking the JewelMint Facebook page countless times in a day, waking up really early on the first of each month so I can “oooh” and “aaah” over the new collection, begging on a freaking wall for a re-release of a sold out piece (Please, please, PLEASE restock the Vanguard necklace!!!), feeling so much excitement to check my mailbox and feeling so down when it’s empty, promising myself to reign in the urge to buy and then failing again and again, justifying to myself why I can go ahead and hit the Submit button (and laughing later with the reasons that I come up with), and loving the brand even with its shortcomings. I also have a growing mountain of mint green boxes in one corner of my apartment. Does anyone else out there have the exact same symptoms?

Having said all of that, I am also consciously aware that this so called addiction is quite unhealthy for my wallet (it really does add up quite quickly). There are pieces that I have impulsively purchased that I really don’t care so much for. So I am really trying to be more conscientious before I hit Submit. I really think about how much use I would get out of a piece and how I would style that piece. I scour the web for reviews. I ask myself if the piece is inspiring to me and if its worth the money.

The Bird Cage bangle is one piece that passed my new thought process. It isn’t a piece that I was initially drawn to. But there was SO MUCH love and hype for it that I couldn’t help but consider it. The photos of these beautiful bloggers gave me the inspiration to buy it. Please click on the photos below to visit their blog posts that feature this piece!

Fash Boulevard - JewelMint Bird Cage Bangle

Fash Boulevard - JewelMint Bird Cage Bangle

Trop Rouge - JewelMint Bird Cage Bangle

Here I am – taking my Bird Cage bangle out for the first time :)

JewelMint Bird Cage Bangle

JewelMint Bird Cage Bangle

This outfit started with a pair of earrings. I wanted to use my JewelMint Very Audrey earrings as a pin to contrast my military-inspired wool coat. The pink and yellow ikat madras shirt was an afterthought – I wanted to add some color to an otherwise monotone ensemble. What a beautiful November day! I hope that this isn’t the calm before the (winter) storm. Happy Saturday!

Hear Me Roar - JewelMint Gatsby Bracelet, Ann Taylor Kamela Lizard Stamped Leather Wedges
Hear Me Roar - JewelMint Very Audrey Earrings
Hear Me Roar - Ann Taylor Kamela Lizard Stamped Leather Wedges

Coat: AllSaints | Lace Top: Zara | Shirt: J.Crew | Jeans: Old Navy
Jewelry: JewelMint | Bag: Kate Spade | Shoes: Ann Tayor

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