J.Crew Tuxedo jacket

I’ve been a sucker for jackets lately. It’s obviously perfect for work but what I love most about it is that it allows me to wear my not-work-appropriate-by-themselves tops. My latest purchase is J.Crew’s Tuxedo Jacket in navy – was $228.00 and now on sale for $99.99! There are a myriad of style possibilities with this jacket – denim jeans and shorts (as styled by J.Crew in the photo below), dresses and skirts in print and bold colors, and even sequins! I snapped a photo of how it looks like in real life for the J.Crew aficionados out there who cannot decide if they want to buy this or not.

J.Crew Tuxedo jacket

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  1. Joy said:

    I love love boyfriend jackets! It’s so versatile, you can pair it with jeans or shorts or a short cocktail dress or a flowy mini skirt. Definitely on top of my fave list this season, oh this and oxford shoes or as you called it in your other post brogues :) top it off with a fedora hat and you get the perfect outfit for the weekend.

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