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Today I went to the park – iced coffee, frisbee and my best boy friend in the whole wide world in tow. The sun was radiant and the breeze was cool. It’s one of those perfect Saturdays that I wouldn’t want to miss. And to think that I almost decided to stay cooped up in my apartment to study! I recently made a promise to myself to enjoy weekends even more. When I look back, I remember so many “wasted” weekends – not wasted in the way you may think : ). Too many weekends spent watching reality TV shows. Too many weekends spent plotting my life. Too many weekends spent doing absolutely nothing (otherwise known as “resting”). Furthermore, I spend so many days in the week being a TGIF laborer. Therefore, I conclude that wasted weekends absolutely make no sense. I don’t like associating myself to nonsense soooo… No more weekend ruts, for me.

My Jason Mraz hat and my frisbee

Pastel Mint tights from We Love Colors!


Today I felt the wind rushing through my hair and the sun shining on my face. At that moment, I felt carefree, mindful, and present. I enjoyed how life unfolded at that present moment without worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. Ah, how many of these moments do we let slip by?

“Forever is composed of Nows.” ~ Emily Dickinson

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