J.Crew {Bling} Review: Apogee Necklace

J.Crew Apogee Necklace

Love at first sight. As soon as I received my little silver box, I giddily opened it, giddily giggled at the sight of the necklace, and then giddily tried the dazzling beauty immediately with my Tartan tuxedo shirt (as shown in photo which I also got during the 30% off promo). The combination makes me feel so stylish! I have to admit, this pairing is taken straight out of the J.Crew holiday catalog (photo below). I tried it with several other collared shirts and it works just as well. I might even wear this to work since the understated shirt balances this piece of bling so well. This was originally $118.00 and I was able to get it for $41.99 (extra 30% off the sale price). What a STEAL! Unfortunately, last time I checked, this is no longer on the website. But we all know this isn’t goodbye, sold out items frequently pop back the online store.

J.Crew Apogee Necklace

  1. Hi! This is the one piece of J Crew jewelry that really catches my eye… it looks really lovely!

  2. wildstrawberries said:

    Hi Sandy, it’s definitely a lovely piece to have. It propels an outfit to greater heights. Love that it’s a versatile too. I hope it pops back during a promo -it’s definitely worth $42!

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