J.Crew {Top} Review: Lace Tee

J.Crew Lace Tee

{J.Crew Lace Tee, J.Crew Pearl-sprinkled crystal bib necklace}

First of all, I am so sorry for another half-half body picture! I’ll be better next time, promise. I received my second box from the recent 30% off promo today. In the box are the Miller short motorcycle flat boots (brownstone), Kerrington metallic leather ballet flats (in metallic pewter), and the Lace tee (black). I will be reviewing the Lace tee in this post.

The tee is see-through (not surprised) so it is critical to wear a nude tank underneath. I would even wear it with a black bandeau for a night out. This belongs in the category of what I call high-maintenance/high-risk tops. It is extremely delicate; almost too delicate that I am afraid to wear it because of the risk of snagging it. As far as the fit, this is definitely a “big” small – but I don’t mind it. Definitely size down if you don’t like the relaxed/loose fit. I think the lace married with the relaxed fit give an effortless kind of a look. Do I like it? Yes! It is beautiful! Is there anything that I don’t like about it? It’s definitely how I am almost 100% sure that I will ruin it one day. It was originally $110.00 and I paid $34.99 with the 30% off promo. Would I pay a penny more? Maybe. But just a penny. It’s definitely not worth the anxiety that it can cause because of its delicate nature.

  1. Lee Nguyen said:

    CUTE!! :)

  2. wildstrawberries said:

    Thanks, Lee!

  3. Oh, that texture looks fanTASTIC… I totally didn’t have my eye on it before but I sure do now!

    • wildstrawberries said:

      It’s beautiful and obviously delicate! So I really have to be careful when I wear it – i’ll be heartbroken if it rips :( Hey you can check out this video too: http://www.youtube.com/user/BrittanyMakeup#p/u/18/9VGFEYTDLtc. She’s wearing the top :) Hope it’s still available so you can get one yourself!

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