{Top Three} J.Crew April 2011 Catalog

The highlight of this look is the Stripe Boatneck Sweater. I cannot seem to get enough of sailor stripes! What makes the sweater special to me is the natural brick color of the stripes and the easy silhouette. It looks so good with the white Canteen pant (or any other white pant that we already own). The sweater is definitely in my wish list.

My next favorite look screams summer to me more than it does spring. Say hello to the Arianna dress. I love the sleeves and the light fabric. A major concern for me is the sheerness of the fabric and the shape of the silhouette (does it flatter all shapes?).  I will definitely be on the lookout for IRL reviews of this dress.

The next look is something that we’ve seen before: The classic denim shirt with the must-have khaki pant. I love this look because it reminds me how little touches can make such a great different. The little touch here of course is the colorful socks! The socks makes this such a fun look! I am so excited to wear fun colorful socks with my heels and brogues this spring.


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