J.Crew {Top} Review: Natalie Studded Sweater

I’ve been eying this collection sweater for a while now. I was just waiting for the retail price to drop significantly. I acquired this during the Extra 40% off Final Sale promo even if my size wasn’t available. I am usually a small, I got a medium. This sweater is definitely more flattering if fitted. I would say that it is TTS. It’s a wonderful piece to have, I can dress this up (with skinny black pants and heels) or down (with jeans). It’s awesome that it can be hand washed. The metallic studs are cold (brr!) on bare skin so watch out for that when trying this on. The studs seem well secured but I would have liked it if J.Crew provided me with extra studs. What gives, J.Crew?

J.Crew Natalie Studded Sweater, item 36711

J.Crew Natalie Studded Sweater

J.Crew Natalie Studded Sweater

J.Crew Natalie studded sweater

J.Crew Natalie studded sweater

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  1. I love this shape on you. And what great photography of the studs and details. I need to try the dressed up version, maybe a cute pencil skirt in a mustard shade and some satiny heels? Now must come up with place (and a non-summer day, lol) to wear it. ;)

    Thanks for the shoutout!!!

  2. wildstrawberries said:

    Hi Dina, so good to hear from you! The outfit you described looks great in my mind and I am sure it will look amazing IRL. I am quite excited for the cooler months to come (I can’t believe I’m saying this!) so I can wear this sweater. Enjoy the rest of your summer! Looking forward to your posts, I love your blog :)

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