An Introduction to Animal Print: J.Crew Wild Spots Cardigan

I have a hard time believing it, but this is my first animal print garment, ever! Et voilà, I am in love. The Wild spots cardigan will forever be known as the one that sparked my love affair with leopard print. The cotton fabric is thin but it is not sheer (some thanks to the busy print). I’ve never realized until now that leopard print is very flattering, no wonder so many women are self-confessed addicts of anything leopard print. This cardigan is kind of related to the controversial Duquette Leopard Print cardigan from J.Crew that was the cause of a lawsuit filed by Tony Duquette’s company. It is mentioned in this article. This is currently on sale (it’s not worth full price because of the material) and is a great alternative to the regular-priced Tippi sweater in leopard. The latter is in my sale watch list together with a handful of other leopard-print garments and accessories. I want them all. Sigh.

J.Crew Wild spots cardigan, item 46435

J.Crew Wild spots cardigan

J.Crew Wild spots cardigan

J.Crew Wild Spots Cardigan

  1. gigiofca said:

    Looks like a nice, classic print. Should last you for a long time. :)

    • wildstrawberries said:

      I LOVE the print :) The material, although comfortable, is very thin/very prone to holes. If I want this to last a long time, I need to be careful. Thanks for visiting, Gigi!

  2. steph said:

    I love this cardigan. I was peeved that I missed it the first go around, that I jumped on it, when I saw it pop back up online recently. I got this cardigan yesterday, and was completely satisfied, withe exception of the obvious damage.

    The cardigan I received a security tag inside, so I’m guessing this was from a store ship back. There was clean cut by one of the button holes. It looks like someone had an accident with some scissors. I called CS, and of course they had no more left in my size. They ended up refunding 50% of what I paid, so I got it for $20 at the end.

    The mended the cut, and the pattern is busy enough that no one would ever know it was damaged. Of course I still know, and yes it bothers my OCD personality.

    I definitely prefer this print over the current one on the Tippi Sweater. It’s a little more wearable IMO.

    • wildstrawberries said:

      Oh Steph. That is just ridiculous! I can’t imagine how they can miss something like that. I can relate to the OCD, an itty bitty hole would bother me.

      I prefer this print over the Tippi too – like you said, it’s more wearable. I find that it is quite flattering :) I’m really happy with it! I’m going to watch the sale section like a hawk for more leopard print items. The Perfect shirt in leopard is on top of my list although it looks like it’s sell out soon. Stories like yours make me so hesitant to buy full price like I used to. One can’t be too sure of J. Crew’s quality nowadays and I don’t have a B&M close by. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. steph said:

    I haven’t received that many damaged items, but I was just bummed b/c I really liked it. Hopefully the store didn’t knowingly send it back like that, but who knows.

    Animal print is everywhere at the moment, and I’m just starting to get into it. Love the blue/grey color, as opposed to gold and browns. It’s more of my color palate anyways. My 2nd animal print purchase, but the first that I think I’ll wear.

    Like you said before, this cardigan is super thin, so I’ll have to be extra gentle with it, to make it last.

    Thanks for the pics and the review

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