AMAZING Sale Alert! Stuart Weitzman Women’s “50-50” Leather Over-the-Knee Black Boots

UPDATE 09/16: Bloomingdales sent out a cancellation notice for outstanding orders for the boots. The deeply discounted pricing was a result of a system error. Please click here to read my thoughts about this mistake.

UPDATE 09/12: I checked the Bloomingdale’s site today and the shoes are back to original price :(

The AMAZING Stuart Weitzman Women’s “50-50” Leather Over-the-Knee Black Boots is currently on SUPER SALE at Bloomingdale’s for $187.42 (Retails for $595.00)!!! I think my jaw fell to the floor when I saw the price! If your size is not available, you can also contact Nordstrom via phone or live chat and they will gladly price-match for you. This is what I did and this is the route I recommend because I got free shipping in addition to the savings. Nordstrom will need the Item #, you can get it here. They will also need the link and price of the Bloomingdale’s offer, click here. I had such a great customer experience with Nordstrom. I cannot wait to get my boots!

The boots are included in Wendy’s (of Wendy’s Lookbook) 10 Essential Closet Items with Magic! video. You can click here to read the related post on her blog. She is awesome, too ☺

  1. kim said:

    Thank you so much! I was able to place the order on Saturday thru Nordstroms because they price match and also offer free shipping. It is on backorder still so hopefully it will process.

    • wildstrawberries said:

      You’re welcome, Kim! I wish I had a giant megaphone when I first found out about this deal so I can let every girl know. I’m crossing my fingers for you! I ordered mine 9/8 and the scheduled delivery date is this Wednesday. Good luck!

  2. Kim said:

    Did you receive them yet? I just got mine and was wondering How they looked on you. I don’t know if I’m too short or maybe too big, the leg is kind of wrinkly. Does this make sense? I’m afraid If I get 1/2 size smaller than they would be too tight.
    I don’t know if I make any sense.

    Thanks again!

  3. wildstrawberries said:

    Hey Kim, I’m hoping to receive them tomorrow. I will post pictures as soon as I can! I hope they fit well. Most reviews do recommend sizing down. I ordered my true size as well.

  4. Kim said:

    Did you get them? I’m curious to hear what you think.


    • wildstrawberries said:

      Kim, the post is finally up! Please check my later entry :)

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