Jewelmint {Bling} Review: Gatsby Bracelet

The description of the Gatsby bracelet in Jewelmint’s website begins with the invitation to “swing your way into the golden era of the 1920s and indulge in grand opulent splendor.” The 1920s, otherwise known as the Roaring Twenties, was a great and liberating year in womens fashion. This was the decade of Coco Chanel, jazz, art deco, and flapper fashion (think shorter hemlines, long cigarette holders, bob cuts, layers of beaded necklaces, cloche hats, and fancy headbands). This was also the decade when women said goodbye to restricting corsets and hello to trousers.

The design of the Gatsby definitely fits the 1920s. If you run your finger through the length of the bracelet, I love that it has so many dimensions. I love the design so much that if I could, I would go to Southern Africa, mine for diamonds, and then ask a jeweler to replicate the Gatsby. On the downside, the feel of the bracelet isn’t substantial enough for it to feel opulent in my opinion. It’s not that I want a heavy bracelet, I just expected it to have a little more weight. Overall, lovely piece from Jewelmint!

Jewelmint Gatsby Bracelet

Jewelmint Gatsby Bracelet

Jewelmint Gatsby Bracelet

Jewelmint also encourages us to let our “style take flight” a la Joan Crawford and Louise Brooks with the Gatsby. What I would do to dig through the wardrobes of these women!


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