Stylemint {Tee} Review: Newbury in Cherry Tomato

This is my first Stylemint Tee. This shirt is ridiculously SOFT. Wow. It’s really true what they say about Stylemint Tees being so comfortable! The cherry tomato color is a true bright red. Love it! I like the scoop neck neckline – I was worried that it would be too low but it hits just the right spot. I picked a size 2. Just for reference, I’m usually a US small, 2, or 4. Overall, it’s a really good first impression for Stylemint. It took me a while to buy from them because I can’t seem to justify paying $29.99 for a plain t-shirt. I took advantage of the recent PopSugar “$44.98 for three t-shirts from StyleMint” deal. After seeing and trying on the shirts, I still wouldn’t pay $29.99 for them. I’m happy with cheaper shirts from the Gap or J.Crew. I will definitely keep an eye out for promos though!

Stylemint NewburyStylemint NewburyStylemint Newbury

Stylemint Newbury

The Newbury is also available in ivory and black – photos below of how Jewelmint styled the tee:

Stylemint Newbury

Stylemint Newbury

Stylemint Newbury

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  1. jeanie said:

    Do you mind tell me how tell you are? thank you.

    • wildstrawberries said:

      Hi Jeanie, I’m 5’6 :)

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