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I am a fan of charms because of their whimsy. Charms, amulets, and talismans have long existed in history as objects that bring their owners good luck, love, protection, and great fortune. Definitely a fun piece of jewelry to have and it doesn’t hurt to have that extra dose of good luck. The Lucky Charms Necklace was part of Jewelmint’s December 2011 collection. I thought the size of the charms are just right (I like that they are on the bigger side) but I thought that the necklace as a whole could’ve felt more substantial. It’s adjustable so I could wear it short when worn with collared shirts or longer when worn with chunky knits.

JewelMint Lucky Charms Necklace

The charm collection includes: a lock, crown, heart, wishbone, key, love, lions, swallow, and a clover.

JewelMint Lover's Locket

I thought it paired well with the Lover’s Locket (another fun, whimsical piece from JewelMint)!

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