I must admit, I don’t love these boots as much as I thought I would. Let’s talk about the pros first. The boots are very comfortable. They fit me well, I purchased my regular size (7.5). I love how the boots look from the side. I was initially concerned that they were too hard to put on, or in this case, pull on – but I really didn’t have a hard time accomplishing that.

Stuart Weitzman “50-50″ Leather Over-the-Knee Black Boots

Now for the cons. The leather is bunching up all over the place and it drives me nuts. I find myself tugging the boots up all the time. I cannot wear the boots with my favorite pair of skinny jeans because the jeans are not tight enough around the ankles. This makes the bunching up significantly worse. Until I find a new pair of very skinny, skinny jeans, I can only wear these with socks, tights, leggings, and jeggings.

Stuart Weitzman “50-50″ Leather Over-the-Knee Black Boots

I’m still hoping that one day, I would come to love these more. They look amazing on Angie and Olivia though. Of course, their calves are significantly smaller than mine!☺


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