I am definitely a nut for loose/boxy sweaters. I got a few of them from H&M during the Labor Day weekend so these should still be in stores if you are interested! The prices ranged from $19.95 – $29.95 full price – more than worth it in my opinion. Check out the pictures below!

First up, you might not see clearly in the pictures but the sweater has sprinkles of fabric balls that are coated with glitter (hope that description makes sense ☺ )

H&M Sweater 2011

Next, here’s the same sweater in a different color:

Next, the color is definitely the reason why I this went home with me:

Last but not least is the most comfy sweater of the bunch. It’s HUGE! I like the silhouette, the color, and the pocket  ☺


Amrita Singh and her Indian jewelry creations have created some buzz in the blogosphere lately and with good reason. Her designs are bold, elaborate, and beautiful. I recently took advantage of HauteLook’s Amrita Singh Jewelry blowout sale. It was the perfect opportunity to try her pieces because they were deeply discounted. One of the pieces I bought is the Shelter Island Necklace (shown in the pictures below). The list price is $150 but it is currently on sale on the Amrita Singh website for $100. I scored this on HauteLook for $38. YES! $38! Definitely watch out for sales on HauteLook and Gilt, they feature Amrita Singh Jewelry once in a while. There are also promo codes out there so make sure to peruse the web before buying! They also have an awesome clearance sale section with pieces marked down up to 80% off.

The jewelry is really beautiful in person. The colors are so vibrant and the pieces are unique and, although they look quite substantial, not heavy at all.

Amrita Singh Shelter Island Necklace

Amrita Singh Shelter Island Necklace
Amrita Singh Shelter Island Necklace

One of her recent releases that I am dying to get my hands on is the Elephant Enamel Bangle – gorgeous. Wow, wow, and wow.

Amrtia Singh Elephant Enamel Bangle

I am one of the unlucky ones who receive their Birchboxes later than everybody else. Since I am quite impatient, I usually search the web for Birchbox reveals. This means that I have some idea of the contents of my box. My August 2011 box was completely different from the ones I’ve previewed! I was really hoping to get the June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque and Shaveworks The Cool Fix that thesassiwench received (see her YouTube review here).

Here is a peek in my August 2011  Birchbox (click the image to enlarge):

August 2011 Birchbox

Contents (click on the links to view the product descriptions):

Befine Exfoliating Cleanser
Befine Night Cream
TOCCA SPF 30+ Sunscreen Towelettes in Stella
Stila Sheer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Number 4 Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque
Number 4 Fleurs de Temps Volumizing Shampoo
twistband Hair Tie (extra item)

I am looking forward to trying the Befine and Number 4 products. I’m pretty happy with what I got, are you? If you haven’t heard about Birchbox yet, it’s a $10 a month subscription of deluxe beauty samples. Read more about them here.

Fireworks, New Year's DayIt is the first day of the year 2010. The day when we pour ourselves a glass of sparkling champagne while looking up at the spectacle of bursting lights in the sky. We pat ourselves in the back for what was in the past year and then we clench our fists with mixed feelings of excitement and determination because we know that this year can be better, will be better. This is the day when our hearts are inspired and full of strong hope. And like most, I am raring to move forward with old and new resolutions in tow.

This year, my resolution is simple – to do more, be more and to make the most out of every single day.

First, I plan to wake up earlier so I can give myself the time and leisure to look forward to the day ahead. I’m done with my overuse of the snooze button. If I want to start my year right, I have to start my days right. I want to give myself the time to play dress up while listening to a favorite song. Maybe learn something new while I munch on a piece of fruit. Doesn’t this sound better than having to mindlessly rush out of the door with an energy drink?

Second, I am clearing my life of tangible and intangible clutter so I can make more time and room for enrichment. I asked myself the following questions: “Where does the negative energy in my life come from?”, “What do I waste my time on?”, “What can I give up?”, “What makes me worry?”. Of course, we can all replace Where and What with Who in all of these questions. I made lists out of my answers and the exercise was beyond insightful.

Third, I will have to replace the clutter. I made another set of lists. The questions I asked myself this time are: “What do I want to learn this year?”, “What can I do to take better care of myself?”, “How do I invoke carpe diem?”, “What do I want to achieve?”, “What makes me happy?”. Once again, beyond insightful. I am looking forward to filling my life with good things, night and day, day and night.

Lastly, I wish to surround myself with inspiration. Outside our flats is a world that is completely beyond our will and control. What we surround ourselves with, especially in our homes, we can have ownership of.

Happy New Year, indeed. Time is so precious, make the most.

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