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I blogged earlier this month about how my jaw dropped to the floor when I found out that the Stuart Weitzman Women’s “50-50″ Leather Over-the-Knee Black Boots were “on sale” at Bloomingdales for $187.42 – a fraction of it’s $595 retail price tag. I wasn’t even in the market for boots, I was just perusing the sale section. But how can I not take advantage of this awesome deal? Before placing an order, I asked Bloomingdales via live chat about possible additional discounts with my Bloomingdales card (it doesn’t hurt to ask, I’ll take every single penny I can save). The rep said she would be more than happy to oblige and she would place the order for me. Wow. This must be my lucky day. I swear, I was smiling from ear to ear. This did not last long though, she told me then that they were out of stock in my size. I insisted that my size was still available online. She explained that their website updates every 2 hours and the lack in inventory was not reflected yet online. Fine, I said, with disappointment weighing heavily in my voice. The discount was so amazing my stubborn self decided to try my luck anyway and placed an order online. Soon after, I contacted Nordstrom via live chat to see if they had my size and if they would price match. They did! Yahoo! Nordstrom is always great with price matching. I immediately canceled my Bloomingdales order.

Even though my order was already canceled, I still received the following apology/cancellation notice email from Bloomingdales:

We’re sorry to inform you that due to a system error incorrectly listed the price of Stuart Weitzman Boots at $187.42 instead of the correct price of $595.00. 

Because of the error, we must cancel the affected items on your order. If you had other items on your order that were not included in the pricing error, they will not be affected. Be assured that your account will not be charged for the canceled Stuart Weitzman Boots or that you will receive an appropriate credit or refund promptly, if due.

For any inconvenience this has caused, we would like to offer you 25% off on a future shoe purchase with

As noted in our pricing policy, while we do our best to ensure our prices are accurate, errors occasionally occur, and we reserve the right to correct those errors, particularly obvious errors like the one that occurred in this case.

Obvious error? Are they nuts? I honestly just thought that it was such a good deal! I didn’t scramble to buy because I wanted to take advantage of an obvious error. I scrambled to buy because I didn’t want my size to go out of stock. It was around the Labor Day weekend so I really didn’t even consider a pricing error. I can hear the hearts of those that don’t get to have their boots breaking. What Bloomingdales should do as well is write an apology letter and compensate Nordstrom for the damage that they have caused. I know for a fact that so many ladies called Nordstrom for a price match. I honestly feel so guilty now! Am I supposed to return the boots (that I have already taken out for a test drive) to Nordstrom? The side of me that really loves the boots tells me that Nordstrom could have shot down the price match request if they thought the price discrepancy was too much. I heard that they did eventually say no after so many requests. Maybe I should just consider myself lucky?

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