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J.Crew Eliza Lace-Up Boots

{J.Crew Eliza Lace-Up Boots in black, see here}

  • Size: True to size (I wear a 7 1/2)
  • Comfort: Very comfortable so far. I haven’t road tested these while shopping along Michigan avenue yet (my ultimate test for shoe comfort) but here is a helpful quote from one of my favorite bloggers in this post, “after hitting every floor at Barneys, lunch, an art gallery, a coffee break and some more shops, I was hobbling down the street.” Don’t let this scare you though, that’s a lot of walking : ) You MUST check out her illustration in this post of the boots, amazing!
  • Color: Available in black and olive moss. I was initially attracted to the olive moss color (thanks to the catalog, see pictures above) but decided to get the black because it is more versatile.
  • I love how this pair gives an edge to a simple outfit! I have worn it a few times and I have received a compliment or two each time.
  • I don’t like the material of the external platform. According to the site description, it is a “crepe” platform. Crepe white rubber to be exact. I don’t like it because it can get dirty fairly quickly. If you look at my video review, you’ll see what I mean. It looks great brand new, though (pffft!).

In a nutshell, I love them! It’s just such a different style compared to what I would normally wear. J.Crew shoes always make me feel a wee bit more stylish. This is a definite thumbs up for me!

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