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I really wanted to like this sweater because of the swing out silhouette. I love the relaxed look that the silhouette gives and it’s forgiving nature. I can eat a heavy lunch without having to worry about my belly. When the sweater arrived, I was underwhelmed. I didn’t find it flattering on me (of course, the result is always dependent on the body type – it looked great on the J.Crew models) and the fabric is pilling. This sweater is labeled as dry clean which is another downer. On the plus side, the blush stone color is very pretty.

J.Crew Swingtime sweater, item 43766

J.Crew Swingtime sweater
J.Crew Swingtime sweater
J.Crew Swingtime sweater

Please focus your attention on the open crew neck (upper-left side) – it slightly resembles a bacon neck, yeah? I am taking this as a sign of poor quality. Urban Dictionary defines Bacon Neck as the result when a person’s collar ripples, simulating the shape of cooked bacon.

J.Crew Swingtime Sweater

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