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Say hello to JewelMint. JewelMint is an online jewelry club started by lovely fashionista Kate Bosworth (love her!) and her friend/award-winning stylist Cher Coulter. Each piece is designed by Kate and Cher. You can tell that they are very hands-on – from designing to styling. Each piece is available for $29.99 for members (shipping is free).

This is how it works: On the first of each month, JewelMint releases a new collection and gives you recommendations based on a style quiz that you take when you sign up, your order history, and pieces that you have marked as favorites. They basically have some kind of algorithm that helps them determine the pieces that you would like. You are not limited to their recommendations and you can also order from past collections (if there are any left, some pieces sell out pretty quickly). There is  no obligation to buy each month BUT you have to opt-out by clicking the “skip this month” button from the 1st to the 5th of each month OR ELSE they will charge you the $29.99 (good for one piece of jewelry). This is the part I don’t like. You can cancel your membership by calling customer service.

All right, enough of the technicalities. Now for the review. My first purchase is the Sweetheart Ring. This piece is definitely eye-catching and unique. I wear a size 6 and it is true to size. I’m going to go ahead and say that I am not totally in love with it but I like it a lot. It’s not so much the design (I think the design is great! SO cute!) but how it feels when worn. It reminds me of a graduation ring. I know that I am wearing it because of its bulk. I’m keeping it though,  it’s a charming piece to have. It just won’t be an everyday ring like I thought it would be. :) Maybe I just need to get used to it?

JewelMint Sweetheart Ring
Jewelmint Sweetheart Ring

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