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JewelMixing is the act of pairing individual JewelMint pieces. Click here for Part 1 :)

JewelMint Ever Frost RIng, Very Audrey Earrings, Bird Cage Bangle

JewelMint Morning Rain Earrings, Lost City Neckalce, and Mumbai Bracelet

JewelMint Savoy Bracelet, Humanity Bracelet, Sealed With Love Necklace

JewelMint For Keeps Bracelet, Bird Cage Bangle, Sweetheart Ring

JewelMint Paya Belle Bracelet, Steampunk Earrings, Urban Earrior Ring, Humanity Bracelet


Is it sad that I spent my Saturday morning surrounding myself with my JewelMint pieces so I can mix and match them? I swear I’m usually more productive. I’ve never really spent the time to do this yet. I felt like a pimp! I am hoping that this exercise will help me maximize my use of my pieces. I call myself a timid mixer. It is my hope that one day I can pump the volume up a notch. Needless to say I had a lot of fun. I’ve never been *this* interested in costume Jewelry until JewelMint. I’m still waiting for my Bewitchmint bag and a couple other pieces which is why I decided to make this a two part post. I would love to know what your favorite JewelMint pairings are! I am officially adding JewelMixing to my list of hobbies :)

JewelMint Rachel Earrings and Fantasia Necklace

JewelMint Payal Belle Bracelet, Hayden Necklace, Urban Warrior Ring, Humanity Bracelet

JewelMint Very Audrey Earrings, Gatsby Bracelet

JewelMint Gatsby Bracelet, Krishna Diamont EarringsJewelMInt Sweetheart Ring, For Keeps Bracelet

JewelMint Nordic Treasure Necklace, Urban Warrior Ring

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